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Same-Day Crowns & Bridges

Why get a crown?

Dental crowns can be a great choice for adults of all ages if you have a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. A crown acts as a tooth-like ‘cap’ that fits over your current tooth and our experienced dentists ensure that the contours and shading of your dental crown fits right in with your smile so that no one must know you have a prosthetic tooth.

At Greeson Dentistry, we provide Crowns in the same day. Using CEREC technology, we can produce porcelain and Zirconia ceramic crowns, in one visit.  

Advantages of a Dental Crown

  • Great Aesthetics: A dental crown can blend right in with the rest of your smile, matching the contours and shading of your other teeth.
  • Chewing Support: You can continue to eat the foods you love with the confidence of a great smile. A missing or broken tooth can severely impact your ability to eat certain foods.
  • Stay Strong: A dental crown covers and protects your existing tooth or dental implant. With a tooth that has been broken or cracked, a crown can offer a vital layer of protection.
  • Flexibility: Dental crowns offer a tremendous amount of flexibility depending on your situation. Typically, crowns are used to cap and protect broken or decayed teeth. For teeth that need full replacement, such as with a dental implant, crowns can be used to offer restoration that looks natural and restores chewing support in the impacted areas.

How are Dental Crowns Made?

  • Dental prosthesis is created digitally for a Crown, partial or Veneer; No impressions needed.
  • Designed on the computer and manufactured in the office.
  • We then place this in your mouth in about an hour.

Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

Having a qualified dentist when it comes to getting a tooth bridge, also known as a dental bridge, is very important.   Greeson Dentistry is 1 of 7.5% of the practices that practices creating bridges through CEREC Technology.   We can replace multiple teeth in one visit through our 3D digital scanner.

How the CEREC Machine Works

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