Are you unhappy with your dentures? We can help stabilize them with implants or replace them entirely. Enjoy your smile without the drawbacks of conventional dentures.


Dentures are dentures.
Nothing special.

If you’re unhappy with your denture, we can fix it by either
Stabilizing it with implants or completely replacing your denture
With a permanent solution.

A Permanent Solution

What is special is the technology that enables amazing improvements in quality of life and appearance. Digital. CEREC. 3D imaging.

We place our own implants, which only 10% of general dentists do, and offer guided implant surgery for maximal safety and superior placement. We also restore them. We are truly a one-stop shop.

We are a family practice serving Burlington since 1974
Single visit crowns

Very little referring. We treat the patient totally.

CEREC Machine

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